We are making a new lighting system from scratch…

We are making a new lighting system from scratch...

For our new project ( codename Project T , codenames are cool ) we’re making a new lighting system!
The goal is to make advanced lighting on 2D sprites and that matches the visual identity of the project.

We’re testing a new illumination method based on sketching how light reaches the sprite from some angles and by that making some automatic approximations about the sprite’s surface profile.

The project is currently being visually redesigned, so Glauber Kotaki (7even) has borrowed me some pixel art for testing! That means all the pretty art is his pretty art! (Have I said how prettily his art is pretty? CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE SOME PRETTINESS! CLICK ON IT!!! )

Original Artwork by Glauber Kotaki:


The First Result With Lights From Different Angles:

spacescarf (1)spacescarf (2)spacescarf (3)spacescarf (4)

The result is actually pretty good for some minutes of coding!


Art , art , art

Art , art , art

Lots of concepts. Our new game is on it’s 4th or 5th art style by now and we’re not sure if it’s near the final style yet. Maybe just a few more sketches.

Putting our hearts on it.

Flash compiling…

Flash compiling...

I found a way to make Nimbus2D compile to Flash (dreams about Nimbus2D running on the browser) and it’s really simple.
But when I started integrating it , I found lost of incompatibilities with some libraries we were already using. After 2 days and a half just bug solving, I almost lost my mind to the compilers…

The team is losing their minds… but still working…

It’s all about physics, baby!

It's all about physics, baby!

Nimbus 2D’s Physics system is being implemented by Mr. F while I’m implementing some of the project’s infrastructure!
No problems so far (if you don’t count being exhausted and with no time to sleep as problem)
In a few days we’re going to be able to get a scene together for testes , and the we’ll start developing the game… FOR REAL!

Tired but still working…